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Burning, in memory of these two courageous youths, and as a symbol of that divine with fish ; and at a little distance fronx the town, it looks pretty. [PDF DOWNLOAD] Destroyed full_online By Pepper Winters.

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Destroyed by Pepper Winters.Destroyed by Pepper Winters


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Verified Purchase. Destroyed is everything its title promises. Yes, this book can be very upsetting! Your emotions will be put through the gamut in the most brutal of ways, but through it all, that glimmer of hope remains strong.

Bright and fierce as a whirlwind that comes encased in dark hair and 8-year-old innocence with an intelligence past her years, and her Mother, a feisty strong-willed woman who knows what it means to live a life of pain and disappointed hopes shrouded in secrecy. Obsidian Fox is a ghost. An assassin who can kill on demand. His conditioning has sculpted him into a man who cannot bear to be touched, except for receiving or delivering pain to expel the hate, the guilt, the nightmares, and the subconscious voice of his previous handler who turned him into a vicious monster.

Roan Averin is a lost six-year-old boy who was brutally captured by a secret Russian Organisation, whose lesson in the art of breaking the human spirit and stripping away the soul left him nothing but a shadow of his former self.

The murky lines that separate Roan and Fox are about to become blurred, because he about to be awakened by a selfless single-mother, who knows what it means to have fate hand you a bitch slap. And by an insignificant child, who shows him what it means to believe in finding redemption in love, and a second chance in hope. My actions and wrong doings were my penance. My future and aspirations my vengeance.

Not used to conversing with people, he hides in the shadows, his fight club his crutch as it gives him a lucrative income and a personal outlet for pain and control. Hazel is mortified at his request, but the idea of that much money is too hard to refuse.

It could be the answer to her prayers, as she agrees to the offer and signs a contract to remain at Club Obsidian until the month is out and the contract expires.

It should have been easy, straightforward, noncommittal sex. A quick release from the pain of day-to-day living. Her selfless nature and need to focus on something else for a short while is all she needs to base her decision on – her decision to help him find freedom from those shackled chains.

Hazel can see the good in him, she knows it lingers beneath and she wants to expel it, show him what it means to let in and trust another – she just hopes its not too late. Not with his gigantic heart and the sweetness lurking in his violence. But I did hate that he spoke the truth. Fox is damaged beyond broken, there was no coming back from the horrors of his past.

He is brainwashed. So I was dabbling with the iBooks and came across indebted. Absolutely love your writing, and will hopping on to Amazon to order the books in actual paper! Just finished monsters in the dark. You write with such heart and passion and I became so involved in these characters and their story. Thank you so much and please keep on writing! Have read the first 3 indebted books and waiting impatiently for book 4!

Where do I being. I have read the series monster in the dark, there is no words to describe those books you made me feeling everything. I cry, laugh, and had feelings I did not no I could have. Also I came apron the indebted serise, so again Omg… I work up at 5am to on April 16th, to download the 4th indebted and I am not going to lie I was to be working instead I was reading on my tablet I bought to work, took a longer lunch and I no I am so bad and probably not going to make mother of the yrs, but my daughter got a late dinner last night, and yes I read that book in 24 hours….

I screams and cry at the end pls tell me that did not happen….. I dont think I can wait…. Loved them, I started reading your work about a week ago and I found myself quite literally devouring them and am now pacing the floor desperate for the next! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. Amazing stuff really. Hi Pepper. You are the main reason I am leaving Florida and going to Vegas! Please excuse the obscene amount of exclamation points, I am truly that excited to meet you.

A happy dance was totally experienced during this post!!! You are an awesome writer!! The stories you tell leave you breathless!! Keep up the great work. You are totally awesome!!!!! I am 62 and lost for words. I think of myself a an avid and varied and worldly reader but I have to say you literally took my breath away. I do not remember the last time my heart hammered in my chest while I was reading your Monsters in the Dark series.

Your vividness in writing is truly extraordinary. I was taken to lows so low I was shocked. I cried so hard, when my heart broke for them that as I write this I am still crying all over again.

The story is done!!!!! I am heart broken. Tess and Q became my friends. I spent so much time with them that now I am lonely…………lost………full of despair. Oh what to do now……. Your message has truly made my day. Thank you pepper winters for your amazing books. I have read all the debt inheritance series to date and im currently waiting for the release of number 5 in august.

I have fallen in love with nila and Jethro, i still cant believe wat has happened. I wont lie i cried. Im currently reading destroyed and love it. Thank you again for your amazing books and the way you write them. Your creative fuckedupedness is all encompassing and you leave me in awe at your ability to bring it to life.

I look forward to reading the rest of your work as soon as I come to. Thank you for your stories. Your killing me Pepper…I have to wait till Aug for the next Indebted series!

And Pure Corruption…come-on really. Violent Mistake by Ariana Nash. Sign into Epub. Join Epub. Forgot password? First name. Last name. Forgotten your password? Email address. Send reset link. No, Destroy is not overly steamy, but there was enough to complete the story.

Since Roan was taken when he was a young child, he is really abrasive and a huge brute. Roan continually works to fix himself in his own way and Roan tries to be understanding, somewhat pushy, but somehow it never is enough. For example, when Roan and Hazel first meet, Roan takes Hazel to his back office and tells Roan how much he wants her. She keeps on telling him to let her leave. This went on and on and on for pages. This happens a lot in a book.

I get that when I am reading what Hazel is thinking is helping me set up the scene, but sometimes, I just want to move forward. Yes, I skimmed those parts a bit. I kind of just wanted to skip those parts too.

Overall Overall, the storyline nailed it for me. I loved the damaged hero. I loved the strong single mother Heroine. I love the give and take relationship and the crazy ride Pepper gave me. View all 12 comments. Teaser Time His hands wrapped around my throat and slammed me against the wall. I dropped the sheets and fought. My nails raked along his forearm, drawing blood instantly. The scar on his cheek only amplified the empty tomb of a soul inside him. His eyes showed nothing.

No remorse. No excitement. My heart galloped as his fingers squeezed tighter. A robot. A well-oiled machine. So, I did the only thing available to me. I pushed off the wall and fought his devoidness with humanity.

I kissed him. I bit him. I fought him. And his fingers instantly loosened the noose and I slithered to the floor in shock. Lucky number third. This scarred stranger was the third man who ever dared hurt me against my will and he would pay. Not by police or a judge, but by me. I took care of me. No one else. Standing on shaky feet I launched into his body, tackling him to the bed.

I expected a fight, but he did nothing. Nothing until I punched him square in the legs. Then life exploded into his vacant eyes. Not again. Rocking on the side of the bed he said. Holding onto his sanity with the slipperiest of grips, destined to fall down and down until he it lost completely.

View all 4 comments. Jan 10, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: not-yet-released. This one looks good!!!

Check out the prologue below I’m intrigued!!! For good reason. But how could I deny her? How could I deny my one chance at redemption? Madness by Muse Well, this is my first Pepper Winters book and I’ll definitely be reading more from her!

I picked this book up on a whim even though I already knew I had a bunch of other books I should be reading. But one glance at the cover and the next thing I know, I’m hooked into the book. Hazel Strong.

Three things things that make Hazel who she is. But they’re also her faults. Hazel cares too much about other peoples wellbeing, whether it be a stranger or a friend. It’s both a blessing and a curse and while her need to help people has always worked out in the end, this time it’s what turns her whole life upside down.

She is so strong, straight down to her core and people can feel it the moment she walks into a room. She’s the kind of woman who catches a persons eye, that makes you want to tell her all your secrets because you know she can carry all your troubles and make you feel good again.

It’s something Hazel takes willingly, and you’d never know how scarred she is unless you looked deep in her hopeless eyes. Roan “Fox” He is indestructible. He is a killer. He is dying inside and no one can save him. No one but Her.

Roan has never lived a normal life. Never felt a loving touch. He’s never been touched and can never touch another. The only kind of touch he knows is the touch of evil, malice.

Roan is dead inside, living life of solitude, violence surrounding him at all times. His past haunts him in his every waking hour and he fears he’ll never be cured And I was loving every minute of it. Hazel is such a strong character. Her life has never been easy and she doesn’t let anyone ever try and take advantage of her. I wanted to judge these characters for their faults and actions but I just couldn’t.

If I were in Hazel spot, what’s to say I wouldn’t make the same choice? Honestly, I don’t know if I would but I commend her all the same. At times I wanted to shake her but in the next minute I wanted to hug her. Roan is less than perfect and he’s made some really messed up mistakes. And yet, I never once hated him.

I just couldn’t. His past is so sad, so disturbing I found myself making up excuses for him at every turn. I know that what he’s done is unforgivable but I wanted him to find redemption anyway. So why not 5 stars? Well there was one or two things that bothered me My main issue with a lot of books, is pacing. How much time goes by in a book, when they start admitting feelings, falling in love, etc.

This book was a little bit over pages and we get a lot of details and time with these characters but in all reality the whole book spans maybe around 2 months not including the epilogue. Maybe it’s just me and my pessimistic views on life but I just couldn’t believe that 2 messed up individuals like Hazel and Roan, especially Roan could be healed and falling in love in such a short time.

From the moment they meet, they felt a connection. And I was all for it. They’d take 1 step forward and 5 steps backwards. Roan has issues that I can’t even begin to get into but they stop him from getting close to people and Hazel wasn’t any different. Except for the first time in years, he wanted to try. But there are so many failures and so much time spent not together or hating each other that I couldn’t really believe it when the characters would talk about having such strong feelings for each other.

When it comes down to it, they hardly even know each other. Something both characters even admit to at the end of the book! Again, this is my pessimistic views and just stubborn ways. I know a lot of people said they cried and felt so many emotions but I was honestly pretty ok throughout the whole book.

I think I have issues or something because I didn’t even really care about Clara and what happened I didn’t shed not one tear. Anywho, lets pretend I didn’t just say that. The first half of the book was definitely my favorite part of the book.

I did find a few grammatical mistakes throughout the book but nothing too dire or consistent to take away from the reading experience. Besides my personal feelings about the pacing and the ending, I can totally understand why so many people loved this book so hardcore. It definitely has all the pieces to be a top fave of the year. I look forward to reading more books by this author and moving onto her more darker reads!

I’m so glad I took your advice 😀 View all 20 comments. I liked the premise and the characters and all that jazz. There was angst and mystery and character development.

So why not more stars? I felt like there was a little too much repetition and Fox’s “epiphany moment” at the end of the story seemed a little too sudden, a little too miraculous, and little too clean cut for it to ring authentic for me. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this and I will definitely read more Pepper Winters. View all 10 comments.

Love, touch, weakness, and emotion are unacceptable. These are the mantras that had been enforced into the mind of Obsidian Fox ever since he was a boy.

Enter Hazel Hunter. Hazel Hunter has a past but she is not broken. Growing up from foster ho Love, touch, weakness, and emotion are unacceptable. She meets Fox at an underground club, Obsidian, that he owns and the two find themselves in a dangerous and tumultuous set of circumstances that could turn lethal at any given second. My thoughts: Omigah! Fox was a conundrum in itself and always made me tremble with great trepidation as to what or how he was going to react!

Everyday is a struggle and every day he sees less and less hope to find redemption for his sins. That is, until one woman and child shook his entire foundation and showed him that he did have a heart and soul after all!

I must have gasped, cried, raged, and held my breath throughout this entire story! What an emotional rollercoaster about angst, despair, helplessness, and even absolution! She really was a mixture of strength, beauty, determination but with an underlying hint of sadness and my heart really broke for her and Fox when that tragedy she had been dreading had finally occurred. It just made me sob and sob. It allowed for even more healing and exoneration to take place and for both characters to grow and find peace once and for all.

A very lovely and strenuous story about an imperfect love that despite its obstacles could lead to the most rewarding of things! View all 9 comments. Yeah, I’m such a masochist for dark romance. Destroyed really shattered my heart completely. The thing I’ve still remember is how much this book blindsided me. To be honest, Destroyed was hard to consume and not typical your read.

Roan is a troubled soul who couldn’t bear any touch. He will destroy everything like a killin’ machine. Hazel is a desperate woman with a sickly child. They met in unusual way but ends up wanting each other. Well, lusting each other.

Winters created strong characters with dark past. The writing was brilliant. The plot was unpredictable and I haven’t see other like this. So, yes this is original for me. It was very tense and erotic with what happened between Roan and Hazel. Almost hard to process but hey, I’m survive. Oh, when I mentioned the erotic part But I hated when they’re finished with sex, they seemed lost connection. Of course, I was frustrated with their on-off chemistry. The ending really save the rating, because Roan finally opened up with his horrible past.

Destroyed was really blew me in good way. I could feel the tension between them. How patiently Hazel survive Roan’ on-off attitude. Everything has its own reasons and purpose.

Destroyed really played my emotional very well. View all 11 comments. You know the story is good when you can’t tear your eyes away for even a minute. Fucking hell. I really think Pepper Winters is trying to Destroy me. I couldn’t help but feel every emotion Roan and Hazel suffered through. Damn it was hard getting through this book. Roan was beyond complicated; he gave new meaning to the word “tortured” hero in my opinion. And I loved Hazel and her strength.

I can’t even get into the other stuff in this book because I’m pretty sure I’ll 5 Darkly Seductive Stars!!! I can’t even get into the other stuff in this book because I’m pretty sure I’ll have a breakdown. READ it. I don’t totally hate them, but I don’t exactly love them. Her stories always seem a little far fetched to me. Maybe that’s why I’m always stuck somewhere in the middle in regards to them. In the beginning we meet Hazel, a twenty-four year old beauty who has lived a rough life.

This girl has many skeletons in her closet, and is carrying around heavy baggage. When she agrees to visit an illegal, exclusive fight club with her best friend Clue, she meets Obsidian Fox. Now if I thought Hazel had baggage, the demons Fox has outnumbers hers. He’s broken both inside and out. While the scars on the outside are easily seen, he carries deeper internal pain from his past.

It took me a long time to warm up to Fox. He’s not a typical hero, the “thing” he did the first time they were together made me hate him instantly.

Fox wants Hazel, and will do anything in his power to have her. They make an agreement that she will stay with him for a month in exchange for two hundred thousand dollars. But she is drawn to him, and returns.

There’s a very good reason why Hazel returns to Fox even after he hurts her, she needs the money for a specific reason, and she senses that Fox needs her to save him. He’s barely surviving, and self-inflicted pain is the only thing he lives for. There was so much darkness in Fox, I had no idea how Ms. Winters would redeem him, but she managed to do it. I won’t say if there’s a HEA, but the ending is satisfactory and I couldn’t have asked for more.

There was one particular scene that was heartbreakingly sad, and I didn’t think it would actually happen, but when it did, I understood why it was done to move the story along. That was the way it had to be. Fans of Ms. Winters will definitely enjoy this latest installment, and I’m hoping Oscar Fox’s business partner gets his own book.

I like my books firmly grounded in reality, unless its paranormal or fantasy, so this took away from my enjoyment. I lost myself to sin. I still can’t comprehend what I’ve just read.


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Destroyed by Pepper Winters. no ratings. She has a secret. I’m complicated. Not broken or ruined or running from a past I can’t face. Read reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. She has a secret. I’m complicated. Not broken or ruined or running from a. Burning, in memory of these two courageous youths, and as a symbol of that divine with fish ; and at a little distance fronx the town, it looks pretty.