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Breakout-type games have long been popular, and over the past few years this “block-busting” game theme has been continually updated. Arkanoid is the result of this evolution, adding many new arkanoid game free download full version for pc to significantly change the game’s strategy and play. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Breakout-type games all two of youthe object is to use a small ball to knock out the blocks of a wall, using a player-controlled paddle located at the bottom arkanoid game free download full version for pc the screen.

When the подробнее на этой странице hits the paddle, it bounces back up the screen, and any of the colored blocks it hits will be removed from the display. In this way you attempt to clear all of the ссылка на страницу and advance to the next level. Like all video games these days, Arkanoid’s manual insists on supplying the player with a game scenario: it arkanoid game free download full version for pc that a planet has been destroyed by a horde of alien invaders, and the survivors of the attack made their getaway in a ship named Arkanoid.

Arkanoid was then also attacked, forcing the survivors to escape again in a “Vaus” spacecraft. Now they are trapped in a labyrinth of colored walls and must blast their way to safety. One of the enhancements to the old Breakout theme that you’ll find in Arkanoid is the colored capsules that are occasionally released from the blocks when you hit them.

There are seven different types of capsules, and if you catch one, it’ll give your paddle extra powers. Among these are capsules that widen the paddle, give a free life or let you warp to the next screen. The power capsules add a lot of strategy to the game. Trying to catch the capsules means taking a chance on missing the ball. Also, each time you touch one, although you gain a new power, you lose the power that you already had.

As if keeping the ball in action wasn’t hard enough, you must also be on the lookout for obstacles that float down from the top of the screen. When you hit the obstacles, they are removed from the display, but because they are always moving, they may deflect the ball in an unexpected direction. The closer the obstacles get, the harder it will be to keep the ball in play.

Because Arkanoid requires lightning-fast responses, the game comes with a special controller. Unlike arkanoid game free download full version for pc standard Nintendo controllers, this special controller has a rotating knob that allows you to almost instantly place the paddle in any position. The fast response time of this special controller allows you to zip to one side of the screen to catch a capsule and zip back to the other side to return the ball – all as quickly as you can twist the knob.

Arkanoid can, however, be played with the standard Nintendo control pad, which changes the game’s strategy significantly.

Because the directional pad moves the paddle much more slowly, you have to “predict” where the ball will come down so that you’ll be there to return it. If you were a fan приведенная ссылка Breakout, you’ll love Arkanoid. It’s a classic game brought up to state-of-the-art form. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada, says you can continue further with his help, of course.

Round 1: The game starts with an easy level to get you warmed up. Most people choose to chip away at one side, then put the ball up to the top. The only danger is that the ball speeds up after it hits the top edge repeatedly. You’ll find a helpful strategy is to eliminate the lowest rows, and then work your way towards the top. Round 2: Like Round 1, the temptation is to take out of the solitary single block at the right, but a better strategy is to cut away at the larger bulk at the left.

The single block always releases a capsule if it’s hit first, and seeing what kind of weapon you get here will help decide your strategy; for example, lasers are great to clear the left-side blocks while the ball is slowly chipping away above.

Round 3: You’re at perhaps the hardest level of the game. It’ll be necessary to angle the ball steeply – a nervous shot for novices – by hitting it at the читать далее tip of the paddle.

Take any capsule except “D” during the early arkanoid game free download full version for pc of this level, until you get the ball at the very top; at that point, Dispersion helps you finish. Also, when you get the ball into the “channel”, don’t move your paddle unless you have to: the ball may come down at the same angle, giving you an easy shot back up.

Round 4: To make things more difficult here, the background is very hard on the eyes; and, to make it worse, it returns every fourth level. Other than that, this scene is fairly straightforward. Be on your toes: the lower bricks; when hit, toss the ball back at you quickly, and often at different angles. If you get Lasers, you’ll be on to the next level in no time!

Arkanoid game free download full version for pc 5: The hardest part about this level is the large quantity of silver bricks; because it takes two hits to get rid of each one.

Don’t worry, it will get worse. Also, there are few capsules that can be sprung free; because the designers only provided ten colored bricks. Concentrating on the middle of the Space Invaders – like creature перейти на источник the safest strategy.

Round 6: This нажмите чтобы перейти looks easy because of all the open spaces, but the gold bricks make it almost impossible to accurately angle the ball to hit a specific brick. To start, you should concentrate on clearing a row on one of the sides.

After that you’re on your own. As we said in the general notes, http://replace.me/19.txt the Catch capsule is extremely helpful in putting the ball arkanoid game free download full version for pc you want.

Round 7: We’re back to a fairly simple level, with only one clump of bricks to get. To offset it, though, the ball starts off by moving a little faster than normal.

By now you should be getting the hang of angling the ball and arkanoid game free download full version for pc it in play. If so, you’ll have no trouble with this level.

Round 8: Only seven bricks to get here – sounds pretty easy, huh? Unfortunately these bricks are right in the middle of a ton of gold bricks, arkanoid game free download full version for pc helps turn your game into an out-of-control pinball machine. If you can, you should start by bouncing the ball through the middle to get the center column of bricks. Persistence is needed to get the last one or two, because the ball will end up going mph before you’re done. The Dispersion capsule will help in this level.

Round 9: The center section is very easy, but the two pairs of colored blocks that are cradled in gold are hard to clear. The angle to get the ball up there is difficult, but the toughest hurdle is getting the ball by the creatures. They seem to hover around the brick you hope to bop. Getting those four bricks early, before the ball picks up a head of steam, is certainly the best plan. Round This is the start of a tough trio of levels, though not as bad адрес computer versions.

If you don’t angle the ball into the corridor steeply, it will come right back at подробнее на этой странице faster than it started. Start the level by releasing the ball with your paddle under the fourth block from the left, then hit it at the http://replace.me/22555.txt left of the paddle, and you should be able to get the ball trapped in the chamber.

Once trapped, a Dispersion capsule will quickly move you on. Round Have your vision checked before attempting this one. Being composed of all silver bricks – which need three hits each to disappear – this level gives you no opportunity for capsules, and also speeds the ball up quickly. No special strategy is suggested, but you will need to be good arkanoid game free download full version for pc moving the Vaus so you can keep up with the path the ball takes.

Round If Round 10 wasn’t enough of a nightmare, this level will make you want to quit. Similar to Round 10, you’ll need to angle the ball steeply посмотреть еще get the ball into the gold-brick pathway. If you place your paddle between the third and fourth bricks from the left, release the ball, then bat the ball with the left tip of the paddle. You should be on your way. Should you leave a few blocks after the ball passes through, it will likely exit towards you like a rifle shot.

Round As congratulations for getting past those last three scenes, you are rewarded with a reasonably calm round to work through. Don’t let down because of the simplicity – the pace won’t stay light for very long. Just the same, you should have no trouble finishing the level and moving on. Round This is a little harder than the last, but still no tough test of talent. If you can poke a hole in a row of bricks and get the ball going at a steep angle, you might be able to clear most of a row by getting the ball trapped.

The main obstacle is clearing the blocks that sit between the gold bricks. As we noted before, the Catch capsule is particularly helpful to shoot the ball at the proper angle. Round While this level contains no extraordinary challenge, there are more bricks to break than any other screen in the game. With a good quantity of those blocks being silver, you’ll be busy for a while. Lasers are a perfect weapon, though accumulating Slow capsules will allow you to play out the round longer.

Again, persistence is the key. Round Could it be that the designers are letting us off the hook by giving us easier levels?

Perhaps, but the effect of gold bricks on the ball gets tougher with each round: the longer the ball is in play, the harder it is to deal with the increased speed. If you can keep the ball to the sides, you’ll be safer. The level is fairly tame, except for the background, so don’t fret. Your opportunity to stress out will come again later. Round While this round appears easy, it is harder than it looks because of the blocking effect of the gold bricks in the “umbrella’s” hooked handle.

If the ball doesn’t get too fast for you to keep up with, you’ll have no trouble here – guess the designers are trying to give you a false sense of security before they slam you back to reality. Hitting the ball at the tip of the paddle assures that the gold bricks won’t hinder your progress as much. Round Now we’re starting to get back to the difficulty you expect from Arkanoid.

There is a single silver brick that you should get out of your hair before things get too quick. After that, concentrate on the row along either the left or right edge, and work from the top down. You’ll find yourself losing a Vaus or two on this scene, unless you are a top-notch player or extremely lucky! The computer version has an added row in the center, but it shouldn’t alter your strategy much.

Round Here’s another that is tougher than it looks. The gold bricks that surround the breakable bricks will make lasers useless. The only way around this stage is to angle the ball behind the gold blocks.



Arkanoid Games – Free Download


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From the developer: “A real must-have-free-game for the fans of classic arkanoid. A great old arcade game with new features providing you with some hours of real pleasure. Develop your tactics and spend your time with use to your mind. The goal of the game is to clear the bricks of the same color with the ball off the board.

You can modify the colors of the bricks by shooting at them with the ball. Bright colors, various speeds. Free download. Easy installation. Full Specifications. What’s new in version 1.

Release November 8, Date Added July 3, Version 1. Operating Systems. Total Downloads 63, Downloads Last Week 1. Report Software. Related Software. Jardinains Free. Break bricks, collect power-ups, bounce gnomes, and dodge flowerpots. DX-Ball Free. Break the wall by bouncing the ball with a paddle. WildTangent Games Free. Download, manage, and start playing multiple games from one location on your desktop.

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Arkanoid game free download full version for pc


Fgee game is very amazing arcade based game and very similar to Blast Thru game. Arkanoid game p originally developed for Mame32 platform and now you can play this game on your PC using Mame32 emulator. There is no need to install any other extra software or Ddownload emulator.

If you download Arkanoid game from this website, it will arkanoid game free download full version for pc simply. Arkanoid PC Game is very easy to download and play. You can download the game files from the download link given below. After downloading, you will see a Zip folder in your downloads. Just extract it and open the extracted folder. There is no need to install this game, so you are ready to play Arkanoid game by arkanoid game free download full version for pc the method given below.

Arkanoid PC game, as mention above, is similar to Blast Thru game. The game play method of this game is same. You have to control a bar at the ground with the help of left and right arrow key. When the game starts, arkanoud will see a ball arkanoid game free download full version for pc the bar.

You have to throw this ball above to break the blocks that you will see above. You can throw this ball using Button 1 from keyboard. You can change or set button 1 accordingly by following the method given below. You have to save the ball to get into space below.

So move the bar where you see the ball bounce back. When this ball hit with a block above, the block will break and sometime, you will see something dropping.

You have to pick this arkanoid game free download full version for pc increase your bar efficiency. Нажмите чтобы перейти enhanced feature may be decrease the speed of ball, extend your bar or make it magnet for the ball. I hope, you will enjoy this game as it is a little bit difficult at the start. Download the compressed file and extract it.

Game will start now press OK and then press Enter. You are now ready to play the game. Now you can check the game play buttons e. By default, you have to press 5 button to insert the coin and 1 button to start with player 1. Review by pcfavour. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Arkanoid PC Game Download. Sponsored Links. Related Posts. Tags: ArcadePuzzle. We use перейти на страницу on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.

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