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As their main motive is controlled, the assassins must raise the bar from all levels. There is the need for vengeance at one or the other step and the player must instill the sense of understanding and technique to bring in peace in the country.

The ability of the player unfolds itself from time to time, with the mysteries being solved one by one. Click the button above to download the game. The highly praised games are now available with different themes and modes to play with thrill and fun.

There are several The game is not as It is said to be releasing on 2nd August, FlareFiles is a website that provides Android Apps and Games on its fastest cloud servers. Like us on FaceBook! Download the Game. The excellent plot, graphics, narrative, and characters brought a lot of praise to the game.

To date, the game has sold over 9 million copies. It is because of all this reason it is considered to be one of the finest games ever made. Players can control the on-screen character and play the game from a third-person perspective. You can even have full control over the camera and enjoy a degree view of your surroundings. The game is set in an open-world setting with non-linear gameplay.

Players can freely roam around the game and explore places such as Florence, Tuscan, Venice, and others. The makers have made a few changes in the game elements to make it better and happening. The database provided is useful to store all historical information about characters, landmarks, and services that players encounter. Not just that, but the health system is made more dynamic as well.

Players can now enjoy eagle vision and swim in the water. They can also identify landmarks and people from the third-person view while moving around. The makers have included a young Leonardo Da Vinci who aids the players in creating new weapons. There are different vehicles added in the game such as a gondola, horses, etc. Another cool thing is the day and night cycle which gives you more sense of time.

Along with that, you get more settings for events and missions. In the game, you will come across many new enemies and each one of them is different. For instance, some are strong and some are agile. One thing that players may find challenging is the combat system as they have made it more complex than before. In this game, you can disarm opponents with a counter-attack. The game comes with different missions and objectives that you need to complete to make progress.

To be more precise, there are about missions in the game. If you are yet to play this game, you are missing out on great stuff. Here is a brief overview of the main features of the game. The game comes with an interesting plot and gameplay which is better than its predecessor. The plot is set in Italy during the 15th and 16th centuries.

The game allows you to roam around and check out different places in Italy. At the same time, you also need to complete the missions and objectives at hand. The good thing about this game is that everybody can play it.


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The game basically takes place in the open world environment with a non-linear gameplay, enabling the player to roam within some regions of Italy including San Gimignano, Tuscan countryside, Rome, Forli, Venice, Monteriggioni, and Florence. There are numerous ways to interact with the NPCs. There are numerous kinds of enemies.

Some of them are stronger and more agile than others and others will search the hiding places actively where Ezio was last seen. Everything about the game is breathtaking. Go climb the highest viewpoint in each city and just look at the view along with the soothing music in the background. If you want to customize your Assassin you can. Ezio Auditore da Firenze is the charming, womanizing Italian aristocrat whose life changes dramatically one day when his father and brothers are framed and arrested and have a manhunt for Ezio as well.

Anyway, this game is a classic, and this PC version is no different. Click the button above to download the game. The highly praised games are now available with different themes and modes to play with thrill and fun. There are several The game is not as Links Updated [] Download Link 3 Letsupload. Enjoy the Game. Still, Have any Problem?? Watch Installation Video. You can Download the Fix files from the link given below: Assassin Creed 2 fix.

Download the Assassin Creed 2 Crack and Fixes and apply them according the instructions given above or just follow the Video given down. This is one of the prominent names in the gaming world. This is a action-adventure game published by Ubisoft.

The game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This is a cross-platform video game that was first launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox Later, a Windows and OS X version was released to accommodate the computer gamers.

The plot is based on a fictional history that mainly revolves around the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins. This is a combat game where the Assassins fight for peace.

The game received a lot of praise for its Renaissance setting, map design, narrative characters, and visuals. The second installment also came with a lot of improvements.

Considering the popularity of the game, they launched a PS4 and Xbox One version of the game in To know more about it, you should give this article a read.