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The level cap is currently level Marvel Super Heroes Marvel Super Heroes is a very popular, free online game only available for Windows operating system, belonging to the strategy-adventure genre.


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In Battlefield , you Steampunk Tower is an-all new tower defense game featuring thrillingly unique mechanics. Battlefield 1 Running On Windows Mac. Windows Users’ choice Download battlefield heroes pc Download battlefield heroes pc Most people looking for Battlefield heroes pc downloaded: Battlefield Heroes. Call of Duty. Prime World. Warhammer: Battle March.

The Gunner class wears large bulky jackets, bulky trousers and large helmets. Finally, the Solider class has long jackets, semi long trousers and light helmets.

Default weapons for all three classes are low quality but have no timer attached. All the other weapon choices are varied with damage, rate of fire, and range stats so you can customize your style of play. However, everything from handguns to grenades to machine guns that you buy with the in-game valor points won through missions, playing for a period of time, and leveling up will have either a one month or seven day timer. Each class only has access to the specific types of weapons that they specialize in, and pistols, which no class has as standard equipment.

Though they may look different and have different names, weapons are identical between factions. For example, the National “the Gourmet” sniper rifle is exactly the same as the Royal “Oscar’s Farshot” sniper rifle.

Furthermore, you can only bring two weapons and one explosive with you into the game, so you have to plan your purchases and load out accordingly. After a long closed beta phase, which began May 6 , and the game being delayed until early , DICE announced in January on Battlefield-Heroes. On June the closed beta test ended, the game was then announced to be in open beta allowing anyone with an EA account to sign in and play.

Battlefield Heroes generates revenue in part through micro-transactions, with other revenue coming from ads. Most items in the game, including guns, clothing, and “widgets”, can be purchased with either Valor Points, earned by playing online multiplayer matches or completing missions, or with Battle Funds.

Battle Funds are purchased with major credit cards through the Battlefield Heroes website. Items purchased with Battle Funds are no different from those purchased with Valor Points, however certain items, mostly clothing, can only be purchased with Battle Funds.

Additionally, items that are unlocked only after achieving a certain level cannot be unlocked early with Battle Funds. Battlefield Heroes. It features a cartoon-like graphical style and is played from a third person perspective. It is also a “Play 4 Free” game. Overview Charge! Gameplay Basic gameplay. Classes Soldier Has medium health at and speed, can heal allies and has the ‘Grenade Spam’ ability. Abilities Blasting Strike — Pushes enemies and vehicles away, objects knocked into walls or solid objects will take damage.

Does not make stealthed commandos visible even if you are close enough to see them. Burning Bullets — Bullets are set on fire and inflict damage over time, with a large and very visible burning effect. The burning effect can be stopped by bandaging but negates the healing effect of bandages. Combat Medicine — Recovers health in an area for you and your team, you gain more health based on how many allies you heal.

Grenade Spam — Throws multiple grenades, grenade spam grenades have greater blast radius than normal grenades but do less damage. Gunner Highest health at but lowest speed, uses high power miniguns and has the ‘Frenzy Fire’ ability. Abilities Frenzy Fire — Increases accuracy and damage, designed to make Gunners more useful at longer ranges.

You also regain health while using Frenzy Fire. Hero Shield – Creates a shield around yourself and your allies that absorbs damage. Explosive Keg — Throws exploding barrels that burn and blast enemies away, barrels can be detonated with a shot, or explode automatically after a short timer. Barrels also slow enemies caught in the blast. Leg It — Increase movement speed for you and your team. I Eats Grenades — Explosives are consumed to regain health, also works on tank shells.

Commando Has the lowest health at 80 but the highest speed, uses sniper rifles and stealth abilities that include becoming invisible and sometimes fully disappearing. Abilities Elixir – Increases movement speed and generates a shield to absorb a minimal amount of damage. Battlefield Heroes is a free online multiplayer 3D shooter. Unlike many it has a third person view, is bloodless and cartoony in style. It features a variety of game modes, weapons and vehicles. To play, you have to sign up for a free EA account , which then allows you to install a browser plug-in and install the game.

You always start from your browser in the Battlefield Heroes homepage, from where the game is launched. The only irritating thing about it is that you can’t play it in windowed mode, which is unusual for an online game.

Choose and customize your player, from a variety of body types and categories, like soldier and gunner. Each Battlefield Heroes player type has different abilities, so your choice depends on how you like to play the game.

While it’s free, you can pay for credits that give you more weaponry or clothes. Battlefield Heroes is easy to play, and like a role playing game you gain experience as you play. This means when you start a game you’ll be sent to a game where the other players are of a similar level to you. There are different game modes and play areas, although they all look pretty similar. The graphical style is good, and the sound is great too. Battlefield Heroes is not a subtle game, but based on fast paced action, dying and respawning.

Bright and bold, Battlefield Heroes is a great piece of multiplayer action that is highly recommended.