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Setting up an anonymous proxy is generally a very effective way to maintain your browsing privacy, but it can also be a complicated process. Just about everything happens from a single dialog, and the main option you might want to consider there is choosing your preferred proxy country.

There are 50 possibilities, from Argentina to the USA, or you can simply accept the default “Random Country” setting and see what happens. Once you’ve sorted that out, though, all that’s left to do is click “Connect to proxy”. ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy will then find a proxy server for you, modify your settings to use it, and you’ll immediately be ready to surf with your new identity and IP address. Although it may be wise to restart your browser, just to avoid potential problems.

This all worked just fine for us; we were given a French IP address and could then browse as normal. Browsing speeds were a little slow, but you can always try connecting to another server. And the program also allows you to selectively activate the proxy for, say, just Opera, so you could use that only when necessary, and turn to another browser when performance was important.

There’s lots of it, and you need to do different things to avoid installing each one click Decline here, Skip there, clear some checkboxes maybe so read each step carefully before clicking “Next” or “Finish”. Their performance can sometimes be poor, though, so this may not work for everyone. Version 8. Show all. Add to Watchlist Comment Share. Review Specifications Changelog. Specifications Requirements. Changelog Version 8. Hotspot Shield Protect your computer and enjoy unrestricted internet access when using wifi hotspots.

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.Chris pc proxy free download


When traveling abroad, one might miss their friends and family, but also their favorite TV shows which are typically not available to other countries. This shortcoming can be surpassed by connecting to the Internet via a proxy server so that users could indirectly connect to a target website as if they had a different IP than the one that they actually have for instance, one from another country.

When installing this software utility, users are advised to pay attention to the third-party components offered to be downloaded during installation and to decline the ones they do not approve of. Once all the steps have been completed and the application is up and running, users simply need to select the proxy server they want to use for connecting to the Internet.

Depending on the country they choose, they can gain access to video streaming websites and services that would otherwise be unavailable. ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy comes with a highly intuitive graphic interface so that even novices can quickly start exploring the web via proxy in the browsers they specified. In other words, they can activate the proxy connection only for certain browsers, whereas others would still connect to the Internet directly. The application supports the most popular browsers, namely Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Opera and Firefox , so users can rely on any of them to explore websites that are typically accessible only to certain regions.

They only need to choose a country then start watching the episodes or shows they might have otherwise missed. Review Free Download specifications report malware. A user-friendly software solution that can help you enjoy your privacy and surf anonymously online by connecting to the Internet via proxy.

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