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I need direction as to what I can do to get a permeant fix for this issue. It is important to exclude the vclibs and. I opened Task Manager as explained. I checked the box Create this task with administrative privileges. I typed the text correctly. Hit the Enter Key and nothing happened. I restarted the PC and the Start Button still does not function.

Help Please Thanks. Also check by creating new user account, if it makes any differences in situation. Get-appxpackage : Access is denied. Access is denied. Worked like a champ. I tried this process but it was not working So I uninstalled dropbox from the system and everything is back to normal atleast for now!

None of this worked for me nor did any other fixes that worked for others. Hours of wasted time. I was able to successfully complete the task above using administrator options but after reboot, i have no access to my start menu of Cortana. Windows 10 sucks! Kapil Thank you for your diligence and persistence! My problem seems to be a hybrid. I reran the powershell process in the admin account, but it did not fix the situation.

If I could I would like to fix the account rather than recreate a new one since I have so many programs registered there. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you Kapil! It worked after the powershell command was executed, and my system was restarted! Kapil this was a god send after pulling my hair out trying to work with MS. Thank you so very much.

Cheers mate! Did we both mistype the command line? However, if that message means something else, PLEASE leave a comment so that we can make another attempt to rectify this mind-numbing situation.

Thank you. I have been working on this all day with no success. The day has been VERY frustrating! Finally, found your post and gave it a try though not expecting anything and it fixed the problem. Thanks so much!!! I am trying to solve this from past 4 days and have tried many solutions but not able to solve it.

I tried to run the command in powershell administrative mode and gave this reply:. Then retry steps mentioned here. I tried the powershell option 2 times, but was failed to restore the health.

Error code is 0xf Scan health showed that it is repairable. I am using Windows 10 Pro x64 v Direct download is not available as I have subscription associated with my account.

Than converted install. I have finally decided to reset my pc with keeping my personal files option. One last question: Will resetting remove other user accounts? There are two accounts on my pc, one of mine and one of my dad. Error: There was a problem resetting this PC. Now what..!? Now only formatting is the option. Just tell me about the registration key issue I asked above. Thank you! The powershell command worked for me to get Cortana working after many hours of frustration.

I tried everything. But you all should know this is the 5th time this has happened to me. Rip off. I could do that without their help. Then I just reset the tablet. Last time I called Microsoft since it was in conjunction with their windows 10 update. They actually fixed it for me.

This is definitely a Microsoft issue. I, too, downloaded and installed the fall update the day it was available in my updates. I talked with techs three times — once by text, two by phone calls and no fix worked.

I currently have no Mail and Calendar, Photos, or Groove to name a few. I can open them through the Store, but no icon appears on the Task Bar to pin, nor in the Start Menu. As soon as they are closed, they are gone from the desktop. It is not up to us, the windows users, to have to try to fix this through the registry. Most of us are not that familiar with that.

Reading this thread, and hundreds of comments in other threads, it appears that some of the fixes work part of the time, but not all of the time. It would be nice if Microsoft would issue some kind of statement telling us the status of this so-called fix. I have been using Windows since This is the first time that this is happened. I feel that we have been let down by this release and worst of all, Microsoft is pretty much saying nothing about it. I am extremely disappointed.

And, no, I am not going to try to fix this through the registry. My start menu is still not working. Please help. I was about to give up on rescueing my start menu. This did the trick. Thank you, worked great. This worked wonders where other solutions did not. This will re-download all metro apps and may take a while. Ensure Windows Firewall service IS running before running the command.

It depends on this service. As a result, the first half of the command returns null, and nothing gets reinstalled. It gets the job done, but browser icons kinda dissapears sometimes the only solution I found was to restart explorer.

Your fix worked. Thanks so much for posting the solution. I appreciate your help Namaste friend. You do know that one feature of the Windows Powershell is that you can paste from the clipboard?

We had a similar problem after applying a GPO in our work environment. The work around described in this article led us nowhere though. Even disabling the GOP did not reverse the situation, we had to explicitly assign the permissions after disabling the GPO. I hope that, for those of you who have not found an answer yet to this problem, this might be an avenue of exploration.

But thanks for adding this to the table! None of it worked, not even the new user account. As for running Powershell to re-register the Start Menu, that advice was just plain wrong. Here is the command you recommended:. Both wrong. The problem is that the appxmetadata folder does not exist in the ShellExperienceHost folder.

In fact the referenced XML file appxbundlemanifest. Just look at the suggestions in this article. There are multiple suggestions, all completely different from one another. Why do you suppose that is? Hi As I insert the command I get the following error. Anybody know how to solve this? Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

You can directly paste the cmdlet into PowerShell window. This suggestion did not fix the Start Menu Critical Error issue for me. I am still searching for a fix to this issue since it was broken in the last Microsoft update.

Hi Kapil, I followed your instructions and copy-pasted your command but got an error: Windows did not find Get-appxpackage. We can fix this after you sign in again. Your instructions worked perfectly!! Thank you!!! Your email address will not be published. Save my Name and Email in this browser, for the next time I comment. Larry G Turner : Thanks for the reply! Will it work if I can find gpedit and download If you’re facing issues with appearing or functioning of Start Menu, try to re-register Start Menu in Windows 10 and see if it helps.

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