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Download nfs hot pursuit 2 for pc full version

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BIN file of the game and convert it into.


Download nfs hot pursuit 2 for pc full version. Download Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (Windows)


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Ice -5 points. Help me to install it on windows 7. Please, i really need help, i don’t even know the first step or the first thing to do. I’m asking for your help from any of you. I really need this game, its fun racing cars.

Ice -3 points. Ice -2 points. Ice 0 point. BLNT 13 points. Thanks for all these marvellous games! I’ve successfully installed it into my Windows 8. Game runs smooth after everything done as shown below, I put here for it could be helpful to other similar users.

BIN file of the game and convert it into. I’ve used MagicISO unregistered free. ISO file to any convenient folder on your HardDisk drive. Then the game runs smooth with no problems! That’s it Thank you again. Castor Fiber 2 points. Lord of Smoke 0 point. Hello, the installation is not corrupted when it installs only 49MB of files, You have to account for that this is a game from a time when HDD space was scarce, and most games worked on the principle of partial install, while running video files, music etc from their respective CD.

Shoutout to Paul below for the very detailed instructions. John 0 point. Paul 63 points. Below are steps I took to get get this running on Windows 10 updated, as of 22nd March For some background, the setup. The image should be accessible from “This PC”, having been assigned a drive letter E:.

Open this directory. There, check “Run this program as administrator” and “Run this program in compatibility mode” where you select Windows XP SP2 other configurations may also work. You should then continue with step 5. Otherwise you can jump to step 6. The solution is to simply copy these to the installation folder. Install the v patch using the same settings as for running setup.

Replace the executable nfshp2. Run nfshp2. You may need to run as admin. Hopefully, this will work for you as it did for me. The game itself is good, especially if you are into being chased by cops.

They have more tracks, a damage model and better handling esp. Turbo Charger 0 point. I’ve created a virtual driver now and have installed the game and everything, but when I press play in the game launcher menu, nothing happens Can someone please help me?

AutoRarZip 0 point. Mkm -1 point. Arnav Agarwal 4 points. I downloaded the game but it didn’t open Regards Arnav Agarwal. Minic 0 point. The game is asking for a password and the website did not give or show a password to fill. ANON 0 point. The Swede 14 points. How to make the noCd “work”: 1. Anon -1 point. Daisy 4 points. Amazing game however not so good as it looks on a PS2 see youtube But it’s one of the best Need4Speeds ever! Lot’s of tracks in 4 different landscapes Mediterian Grece like, a rough Coast with passes through sequoia trees, Tropic with city and vulcanic pass, Autumn like Mountains all with many possibilities and shortcuts.