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Stanton Rogers downlozd destined to be President of the United States. It was my dream, and you were living it. The action races from the president’s Oval Office to the hot Latino beat of Buenos Aires to sidney sheldon windmills of the gods download romance of Paris and Rome to the shadowy dangers of Bucharest. In the midst of all the drama is a questionable deadly assassin продолжить чтение true identity remains a mystery vague to avoid spoilers. Stanton Rogers took a sip of his coffee and rose to his feet. I must not fail again. The Best Laid Shelson.


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Haven’t read this book for years but again full of twists and turns. Still superb to read , still current and well worth reading. This book must be about 20 years old and I read it when it first came out. It left a real impression on me and I was delighted to learn that it was available on Kindle so I bought it and it didn’t disappoint, second time around.

Sydney Sheldon has written a lot of good books, most of which I have read over the years. As usual with Sidney Sheldon a cracking storyline. Easy reading without too much in the way of unwanted information. If you’ve never read one of his books give it a go, you will probably be surprised. A good read and like the majority of Sidney Sheldon’s books, very well written. See all reviews.

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Sign up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Nothing Lasts Forever. Rage Of Angels. Tell Me Your Dreams. The Best Laid Plans. When he gets a penguin, his dream comes true. Soon one penguin turns into two, and soon a dozen penguins are in the household.

After six months of smashing success on our list, The Practicing Stoic surely becomes the first philosopher’s resource to grace our Hall of Fame. By now, you might hav. At the centre of Poomani’s novel, Heat, is Chidambaram, a boy who, in an act of daring and planning beyond his years, strikes down his elder brother’s killer, Vadakkuraan. A powerful land-grabber, Vadakkuraan is always surrounded by his own armed men. Born in Wellington, she now lives in Melbourne, working as a newspaper journalist.

This is her first novel. My great, big, fat, political, union, social-justice family. In this latest of the best-selling FBI Thriller series, agents Savich and Sherlock are solving their most twisted case yet, involving a missing CIA analyst and a kidnapper with powerful connections.

For nearly a decade, Taddeo followed three American. Review must be at least 10 words. The meeting took place in a comfortable weather-proofed cabin in a remote, wooded area miles from Helsinki, near the Russian border.

The members of the Western branch of the Committee had arrived discreetly at irregular intervals. They came from eight different countries, but their visit had been quietly arranged by a senior minister in the Valtioneuvosto, the Finnish council of state, and there was no record of entry in their passports. Upon their arrival, armed guards escorted them into the cabin, and when the last visitor appeared, the cabin door was locked and the guards took up positions in the full-throated January winds, alert for any sign of intruders.

The members seated around the large rectangular table were men in powerful positions, high in the councils of their respective governments. They had met before under less clandestine circumstances, and they trusted one another because they had no choice.

For added security, each had been assigned a code name. Finally, the chairman decided the time had come to call for a vote. He rose, standing tall, and turned to the man seated at his right. I vote yes. The resolution is passed. I will so inform the Controller. At our next meeting, I will give you his recommendation for the person best qualified to carry out the motion. We will observe the usual precautions and leave at twenty-minute intervals. Thank you, gentlemen.

Two hours and forty-five minutes later, the cabin was deserted. A crew of experts carrying kerosene moved in and set the cabin on fire, the red flames licked by the hungry winds. When the palokunta, the fire brigade from Perho, finally reached the scene, there was nothing left to see but the smoldering embers that outlined the cabin against the hissing snow.

The assistant to the fire chief approached the ashes, bent down, and sniffed. Kerosene, he said. The fire chief was staring at the ruins, a puzzled expression on his face. Stanton Rogers was destined to be President of the United States. He was a charismatic politician, highly visible to an approving public, and backed by powerful friends.

Unfortunately for Rogers, his libido got in the way of his career. Or, as the Washington mavens put it: Old Stanton fucked himself out of the presidency. It was not that Stanton Rogers fancied himself a Casanova. On the contrary, until that one fatal bedroom escapade, he had been a model husband.

He was handsome, wealthy, and on his way to one of the most important positions in the world, and although he had had ample opportunity to cheat on his wife, he had never given another woman a thought. Stanton was athletic; Barbara hated all forms of exercise. Stanton was gregarious; Barbara preferred to be alone with her husband or to entertain small groups. The biggest surprise to those who knew Stanton Rogers was the political differences. Stanton was a liberal, while Barbara had grown up in a family of archconservatives.

Stanton Rogers had replied tightly, Back off, Paul. Half the marriages in this country end in divorce. He had proved to be a poor prophet. The newspapers kept the story alive as long as they could, and when the furor died down, the powerful friends who had backed Stanton Rogers for the presidency quietly disappeared.

They found a new white knight to champion: Paul Ellison. Ellison was a sound choice. He was short in stature, with regular, even features and candid blue eyes. He had been happily married for ten years to the daughter of a steel magnate, and he and Alice were known as a warm and loving couple.

The two men had grown up together. Their families had had adjoining summer homes at Southampton, and the boys swam together, organized baseball teams, and later, double-dated. They were in the same class at Harvard. Paul Ellison did well, but it was Stanton Rogers who was the star pupil. The divorce changed everything. It was now Stanton Rogers who became the appendage to Paul Ellison.

The trail leading to the top of the mountain took almost fifteen years. Ellison lost an election for Senate, won the following one, and in the next few years became a highly popular, articulate lawmaker.

He fought against waste in government and Washington bureaucracy. He was a populist, and believed in international detente. He was asked to give the nominating speech for the incumbent President running for reelection. It was a brilliant, impassioned speech that made everyone sit up and take notice. His first appointment was Stanton Rogers as presidential foreign affairs adviser.

The inauguration of the forty-second President of the United States was carried by satellite to more than countries. In the Black Rooster, a Washington, D. I warned you not to bet against Ellison, Ben Cohn chided.

The camera panned to show the massive crowds gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue, huddled inside their overcoats against the bitter January wind, listening to the ceremony on loudspeakers set up around the podium. Jason Merlin, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, finished the swearing-in oath, and the new President shook his hand and stepped up to the microphone. Look at those idiots standing out there freezing their asses off, Ben Cohn commented. Because a man is making history, my friends.

One day all those people are going to tell their children and grandchildren that they were there the day Paul Ellison was sworn in. And proud of it. Every politician in the world comes out of the same cookie cutter. Face it, fellas, our new President is a liberal and an idealist. My definition of a liberal is a man who has his ass firmly stuck in clouds of cotton wool. The truth was that Ben Cohn was not as cynical as he sounded. He was an oak in a forest of willows.

Outside, the sky exploded into icy sheets of rain. Ben Cohn hoped the weather was not an omen of the four years that lay ahead.

He turned his attention back to the television set. The torch that has been entrusted to my care is the most powerful weapon in the world. It is powerful enough to burn down civilization as we know it, or to be a beacon that will light the future for us and for the rest of the world. It is our choice to make. I speak today not only to our allies, but to those countries in the Soviet camp.

I say to them now, as we prepare to move into the twenty-first century, that there is no longer any room for confrontation and that we must learn to make the phrase one world become a reality. Any other course can only create a holocaust from which no nation would ever recover. I am well aware of the vast chasms that lie between us and the iron curtain countries, but the first priority of this administration will be to build unshakable bridges across those chasms. His words rang out with a deep, heartfelt sincerity.

He means it, Ben Cohn thought. I hope no one assassinates the bastard. In Junction City, Kansas, it was a potbellied stove kind of day, bleak and raw, and snowing so hard that the visibility on Highway 6 was almost zero. Mary Ashley cautiously steered her old station wagon toward the center of the highway, where the snowplows had been at work.

The storm was going to make her late for the class she was teaching. She drove slowly, careful not to let the car go into a skid. My answer to that is that we can no longer afford to condemn ourselves or our children to a future threatened by global confrontations, and nuclear war. Paul Ellison is going to make a great President. In St. Croix, a tropical sun was shining in a cloudless, azure sky, but Harry Lantz had no intention of going outside.

He was having too much fun indoors. He was in bed, naked, sandwiched between the Dolly sisters. Lantz had empirical evidence that they were not truly sisters. Annette was a tall natural brunette, and Sally was a tall natural blonde. Not that Harry Lantz gave a damn whether they were blood relatives. What was important was that they were both expert at what they did, and what they were doing made Lantz groan aloud with pleasure.

I want to inform you now that we have approached the government of Romania and its President, Alexandras Ionescu, and he has agreed to reestablish diplomatic relations with our country. Jesus Christ! Lantz screamed. What the fuck are you trying to do? One of our first official acts, the President was saying, will be to send an ambassador to Romania. And that is merely the beginning…. In Bucharest, it was evening. The winter weather had turned unexpectedly mild and the streets of the late marketplaces were crowded with citizens lined up to shop in the unseasonably warm weather.

Romanian President Alexandras Ionescu sat in his office in Peles, the old palace, on Calea Victoriei, surrounded by half a dozen aides, listening to the broadcast on a shortwave radio. Albania broke off all diplomatic relations with the United States in I intend to reestablish those ties. In addition, I intend to strengthen our diplomatic relations with Bulgaria, with Czechoslovakia, and with East Germany.

Sending our ambassador to Romania is the beginning of a worldwide people-to-people movement.