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Slow windows 10 laptop fix free download

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Slow windows 10 laptop fix free download.An easy and free fix for slow computer


Annoyingly slow. No, your first order of business should be an attempt to wring free performance from Windows. In the following nine steps we show you how to speed up your Windows 10 PC without spending a dime. Be warned: There could be trade-offs. If your PC is behaving horribly slow, try rebooting. Do it every day if the PC is really slow. Windows assumes that you want an energy-efficient computer.

But you can trade electricity for speed. In the resulting Control Panel window, pull down the Show additional plans option. Select High performance.

Windows works hard to make the screen easy on the eyes. If your PC is underpowered, you may want to sacrifice aesthetics and gain some speed. Right-click Start, and select System. This brings up the System Properties dialog box, already on the Advanced tab. This brings up another dialog box. You can uncheck some of the options, or simply select Adjust for best performance.

A whole lot of programs want to load automatically every time you boot. Each one slows down the boot process, and some continue to slow down Windows afterwards.

These are not all bad. Your antivirus program should load when you boot and keep running as long as your PC is on. Other programs that need to run in the background to work, such as OneDrive, should also autoload.

The Task Manager can show you all the programs that load automatically at boot, and help you choose which ones to keep. To see how bad the situation is, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.

Click the Startup tab. The Startup tab will show you all the autoloading programs. To stop one from loading automatically, right-click its entry on the Startup tab and select Disable. To find out, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.

On the Processes tab, click the CPU column header to sort by processor usage. The top items will be the ones hogging the CPU. Click the column header again. Some big applications are worth the CPU cycles. Another is to switch to a smaller program. You can close a process from inside Task Manager. Select the process and click the End task button and confirm your decision.

But this should be avoided. When you search for a word across all the files in your Documents library, the results come up almost immediately. On the General tab, uncheck Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties. Type indexing in the Cortana field. Select Indexing Options. Click the Modify button near the lower-left side of the resulting dialog box. This brings up another dialog box, with two sections. Start in the bottom section of the dialog box, Summary of selected locations.

Click any of these options, and it changes the contents of the top section, Change selected locations. Windows 10 occasionally gives you tips about how you can better use the operating system. At the bottom of the Notifications section, turn off Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows. You might also want to explore the other notification options, and turn some of them off, as well. But if your drive has plenty of free room, skip this section.

In the Cortana field, type disk and select Disk Cleanup. Wait while Disk Cleanup examines your drive. Then wait again for another examination. Examine the options. You can check other items to get rid of them, as well. I doubt an infection is intentionally slowing down your PC. If after performing these tips, your PC still feels sluggish, it might be time to upgrade your hardware. In addition to technology, freelance journalist and sometimes humorist Lincoln Spector is a passionate cinephile who writes the Bayflicks.

Table of Contents 1. Give it the reboot 2. Turn on High Performance 3. Undo some appearance options 4. Remove unneeded autoloaders 5. Stop hog processes 6. Turn off search indexing 7. Turn off Windows tips 8. Clean your internal drive 9. Check for Malware Show More. Give it the reboot If your PC is behaving horribly slow, try rebooting.

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Slow windows 10 laptop fix free download.Microsoft fix it windows 10


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