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I think they did a great job making Syphon Filter as real as possible, and the voice acting played a big part in this. There is no B-movie quality acting here. You really feel as if you are in the middle of a big-budget spy flick.

On to the controls. The game has a training video that will explain all the controls to you, and I suggest you watch it. Actually, I suggest you watch it twice. This game has a ton of actions and uses every single button on the controller some buttons are actually used for multiple actions.

I usually prefer simple controls and was a bit hesitant about the complexity of the controls. It turns out that, the more you play, the more intuitive the controls become. By the time you finish your first mission, they should almost be second nature to you. I will admit that there were some things I never really got good at, like running away from somebody and switching weapons at the same time.

It was just too difficult to watch where I was going and watch the weapons cycle past. Other than this, they are spot-on.

Something else that really adds to the realism of the game is the interactive environment. If you shoot at glass, it breaks. If you see a box, you can climb on top of it. A perfect example of the cool little touches they added to the game happens very early on. You will come to a gate with a padlock on it. You can’t get past, so you will seem to be stuck. Instead, you can switch to the manual aim mode and aim your pistol at the padlock. One shot and you will blow the lock off the gate.

This may sound like a subtlety, but it is the little things like this which add up and make the overall experience work so well. I honestly don’t have any real complaints about the game. There were a few instances where the old 3D control problem reared its ugly head, but other than that I really can’t complain much. Oh yeah, one other thing that bothered me a bit was that some of the missions tended to drag on a little too long and the objectives were fairly vague.

This is just nitpicking, though. The graphics were not the best, but they were not the worst either. I could tell this game has been in development for a while. The backgrounds looked a bit on the blocky side at times as well. The graphics did not really hurt the game in any way, which is good, but I wish they were a bit more crisp and clean. If you are looking for a great spy action adventure game, look no further.

This game is long, challenging and most of all a fun experience. I think Studios did a great job in creating a realistic environment. It is almost like you are playing your own interactive movie. While the controls may seem a bit overwhelming at first, stick it out because it will pay off in the long run.

This game is highly recommended, so check it out. With one of the stranger names in gaming as of late rivaled only by Eggs of Steel and Irritating Stick , Syphon Filter comes to us from Eidetic and Studios.

Obviously, this is a bad thing. So, as Gabe, your job is to make your way through a variety of levels, each with its own real-life look e. So far, the story is quite interesting and is weaved into the levels rather well, thanks to CG cinematics, above-average voice work and large, well thought-out stages.

Some levels have you chasing an enemy down subway tunnels, with trains going both ways right next to you. One wrong step, or a misjudged roll and you’re dead. Another level has you following a major player in the game’s plot through a museum. But if you get too close, or pull out your weapon, his guards will be alerted and your mission will be a failure. Weapon-wise, Syphon Filter isn’t lacking, but it’s obvious the game’s emphasis is on strategy and not carnage. Nonetheless, you’ll find a variety of weapons, ranging from your standard 9mm with silencer to a deadly Assault Rifle, among many others.

You may remember the developer of this one and their work on another game from the past. If not, let us refresh your memory. But don’t worry-even this beta version of Syphon Filter is leaps and bounds better than the finished Bubsy 3D, and might even end up being a keeper when it’s completed the Review Crew will let you know soon. Please note: This preview is more of an update, showing you new pictures and such.

For another preview of Syphon Filter with more detailed info concerning the game, its story line and how it plays , check in the December issue. I’m sure many of you are anxiously awaiting to find out what scores we gave this game, especially considering Studios’ recent track record.

Well, to be honest I’m going back and forth on Syphon Filter even now as I write this review. It has several minor but annoying graphical and control glitches, in addition to several examples of cheap deaths. But then on the other hand there are some original areas in many of the game’s levels, and an interesting plot twist or two that get you wrapped up in the game’s intriguing story. Then I realize Syphon Filter can actually stand on its own two legs without having to rely too heavily on the hype caused by MGS.

There are enough cool areas and well-executed ideas in Syphon Filter to pull this out of what could’ve easily been a nose-dive right into mediocrity. I give Eidetic a lot of credit. It couldn’t have been easy to make a game like this–especially considering that it’s out not too long after the monumental Metal Gear which I own but never formally reviewed.

So if you can overlook the minor problems I’ve mentioned, you should find you’ve purchased yourself a nice little title. It’s certainly more interesting than most people thought it was going to be. I would buy it. At some point this probably seemed like a really good idea. The covert military theme has a lot of Metal Gear about it at first glance, but unfortunately the gameplay is nothing like what you’d expect.

Imagine Duke: TTK without the good bits and you’re pretty much there. Throw in some appallingly oversensitive controls and an equally oversimplified combat system and you have yourself a fairly mediocre experience. It’s easy to dismiss it on some merits–one-speed running, no jumping, some goofy-looking animation, etc.

Syphon Filter takes a lot of cool Metal Gear Solid-inspired ideas and crams them into a slick package. It delivers a great story line; lots of weapons; realistic, highly interactive environments; and a rewarding emphasis on stealth and sniping.

The only major downfall is the control. It just isn’t precise enough for a game that requires so much aiming and sneaking. You’ll need patience to get used to your character’s quirky motion. Admit it: Golden-Eye always looked cool to all you PlayStation owners.

Luckily, Syphon Filter might just save your day with its promising espionage-themed action. Yeah, the game’s name is pretty feeble, but the premise seems charged with adrenaline: You play as a secret agent battling terrorists intent on attacking the U. The combat-intensive gameplay goes down in a third-person view, but you can also switch to a slick sniper view, replete with green night vision. Armed from a selection of plus weapons and equipped with cool toys like a silencer and a flashlight, you save the day in missions set in subways, military bases, and elsewhere.

If this hot prospect lives up to its potential, you’ll finally be able to get over that GoldenEye envy. In the never-ending battle over which system rules, PlayStation gamers may finally have an answer for N64 owners who wave the smash hit GoldenEye in their face: Syphon Filter.

Okay, so the name doesn’t have even close to the same ring, but the gameplay has the guts and the graphics have the glory to be tagged as the PlayStation’s answer to GoldenEye. Syphon Filter’s set to strafe shelves in February with what will likely be the best third-person action game on the PlayStation.

What about Metal Gear Solid? Syphon Filter will be pretty different focusing more on run-n-gun bat-des and less on stealthy adventuring. The 75 percent preview version we played was on track with the style of a big-budget action flick and the right combo of smarts and gunplay. Three months before its release. Syphon filter had the makings of a surefire hit. Like most good games. Syphon filter will begin with a compelling story.

When work started on the game back in January , Ebola virus scares were as huge as X-Frles conspiracy theories. Both influences echo throughout the tale of Gabe Logan, a counterterrorist operative for the mysterious Agency, who’s tasked with taking down terrorists bent on unleashing a viral plague in the U.

As Gabe takes names and kicks butts, it will gradually become clear that larger forces are at work.. So what’s a “syphon filter,” anyway? We tied it into the back story, though. Its the name of the virus that Gabe must prevent the terrorists from releasing. Syphon Filters gritty one-player-only gameplay should breathe life into its cool story line with an action-heavy focus that will evoke the excitement of playing as a commando.

Most of Gabe’s problems will be solved with the right ammo and the skills to survive the gunfight, though you’ll definitely need to dust off your gray matter now and then. The missions will usually dish out intense gun battles, accompanied by objectives like assassinating key figures, providing covering fire for bomb squads, and so on.

But, as with Gabe’s Agency, things will never be what they seem. Lian Xing, Gabe’s partner and mission controller, will often radio in with sudden changes in the plan, including new tasks and new threats. So surprises take place. Of course, they’re scripted, but it feels like they’re happening partly as a result of what you’re doing.

Gabe’s no Duke Nukem , though, and that means stealth will often be crucial to success. While it won’t be nearly as central to the game as it is to Metal Gear Solid, sneaking past terrorists and using silenced weapons will sometimes be the only way to survive. Syphon Filter will also try to break free of corridor crawling with what Booth calls “vertical game-play,” meaning that enemies will blast you from above or below, so you’ll have to keep alert in all directions.

When it comes to firepower, Gabe will have it all. Over the course of the game, you’ll riddle enemies with bullets from machine guns, machine pistols, and shotguns, snipe them with silenced pistols and sniper rifles, obliterate them with grenade launchers–and even fry their eyeballs with tasers.

Gabe will have the moves of a commando, too. He’ll be able to bust off a slick duck and roll, crouch behind cover, strafe, and, of course, sneak. And his health will depend on his armor–once his flak vest is toast, he’ll be dead meat after a hit or two.

Probably one of Syphon Filter’s coolest features will be its excellent targeting system. In many third-person action games, lining up your shot’s a chore, but Syphon filter will provide three ways of aiming see sidebar “Targeting Explained”.

If you’re just running around, Gabe will automatically target the enemy in front of him. Plus, in sniper mode, you’ll be able to use the sniper rifle to zoom in or use the night-vision rifle to go infrared and pick off targets at night. Other weapons will give you a cursor to point in sniper mode so you can go for the all-important head shot. Finally, you’ll also be able to select and lock on to a target A meter will show you how locked on you are so you’ll be able to run in one direction while shooting in another.

When it comes to graphics, Syphon Filter’s striving to deliver extremely tight camera work Some games have a troublesome floaty perspective that often cuts you out of the action or traps you in tight corners Tomb Raiders a prime example , but Syphon Filter aims to keep you in the game. If you have your back against a wall, for example, Gabe will become transparent so your view of the action won’t be obscured.

But his movements are a big part of what Studios hopes will make the visuals truly eye-catching. In the preview version, Gabe already sprinted, aimed, rolled, and crouched with lifelike grace–the result, Booth says, of the game’s unique method of animation. After Gabe unloads a clip or two into them, they’ll spray blood, stagger around clutching their wounds, then crumple to the ground. Dramatic music will cue in at such moments to keep the tension level high.

Whether Syphon Filter will ultimately match that N64 masterpiece remains to be seen, but, barring a last-minute disaster, it seems clear that PlayStation gamers will have a hot action tide to look for this February.

Syphon Filter supplies three methods of targeting your weapons–and you’ll need to use all of them to stay alive. Here’s a look at how they worked in the preview version.

Whenever Gabe’s just moving around, he automatically points his gun at the nearest target straight ahead. If you hold L1, Gabe goes into sniper mode. With everything but the sniper rifle and the night-vision rifle, this produces a crosshair you can line up on your target.

If you also hold L2 or R2, you can lean out around corners, which is very useful for quietly taking out terrorists without exposing yourself to incoming fire. By tapping R1, you can cycle between targets.

If you hold R1, you stay locked on the current target, allowing you to run in one direction and shoot in another. Target lock’s also useful if you sneak up on an enemy. A meter in the upper-left corner indicates how locked on you are, so if the enemy doesn’t know you’re there, you can wait until your aim is perfect and take them out with one shot.

If Metal Gear Solid’s too sneaky and strategic for your taste, Studios has the answer to your GoldenEye dreams with its action-packed espionage thriller, Syphon Filter. Okay, so the name’s kinda silly, but the gameplay in Studios’ new spy game would impress himself.

Syphon Filter puts you in the flak vest of Gabe Logan, a counter-terrorist operative charged with stopping terrorists who are threatening the U. The gameplay in the early one-level demo was awesome, packing in tons of third-person gun battles and an interesting array of objectives to achieve.

But unlike the methodical Metal Gear Solid, Syphon’s a shooter first, delivering the tense excitement of a big-budget espionage film. The only thing missing is two-player deathmatches, but as long as stays on track. One of Syphons most impressive features is its incredibly tight targeting system. Unlike most third-person shooters. Syphon’s targeting is a breeze because Gabe automatically aims at the nearest enemy.

You can also choose to hold LI for sniper mode or Rl to stealthily select and lock on to unsuspecting targets. Throw in the fluid camera work and slick, edgy animations, and Syphon’s already great fun. Gabe comes equipped with a powerful arsenal, including a sniper rifle, an M, a grenade launcher, a silenced pistol, a laser, a shotgun, and more.

Cool gadgets like a grapple gun and a night-vision sniper scope add to the excitement of this hot prospect. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames or shortly named as Mercs 2 is a fascinating piece of art when we talk about Action-Adventure and shooting games with RPG elements. The game comes with super cool graphics, an open world, thrilling gameplay and a stunningly well written storyline.

The story of the game sets in Venezuela following the lead of a mercenary who worked honestly and got betrayed by the boss Solano. Player plans to revenge on Solano but Solano was not an easy man to find so in order to get to Solano, the player goes through a huge distance of destruction and mayhem.

After a long struggle and killing a lot of low tier gang leaders, he finally catches Solano and kills him. The story of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames resembles a lot to the story of Just Cause 2 and The Saboteur and because of that this game is a inclusion to this specific genre.

The game is set in the surroundings of San Paro city and allows you to be a cop or a robber. You can select the best guise for yourself and get into the game world to dominate in the streets of the San Paro city. The game lets you fight against your opposing teams by using weapons of different kinds and mostly it engages you into close combats to show off your fighting skills. APB Reloaded follows the footsteps of Grand Theft Auto series games and provides with a similar and hardcore action filled game-play.

Other great inclusions to the game are the best high quality graphics, a well written storyline and an open world gaming environment that lets you roam freely, explore and interact with countless objects like vehicles, planes, NPCs Non Player Characters etc. Being a super thriller and quite addictive game, APB Reloaded will surely provide you with plenty of entertainment. Enforcer: Police.

A Noire inspired gameplay and mechanics. The game is set in a tiny town in the United States in which you act as the protagonist who works for the local law enforcement department and is tasked to control the law and order situations in the town.

The game as the storyline suggests, lets you deal with traffic accidents, pull over the drunk, escort them to police station, stop robberies and thefts, investigate different crimes like murders, muggings, and do all the things a policeman can do. Enforcer: Police Crime Action is a police themed game so it makes you act strictly as a police officer while on duty but after the duty, you can do whatever you want.

This third person game actually is a great amalgamation of thrill, action-adventure, and shooting elements and is quite great to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic world where the Soviet Union has threatened the New York City.

According to the story, the Soviet Union appears as the superpower of the world by blasting the first Atomic Bomb on Berlin. Plumbing brothers named Troy Stone and Chris travel to encounter their next client named Isabella Angelina and find her residence. The superpower Soviet Union starts an invasion of the fictional City named New York and the soldiers of Soviet is led by Tatarin who is a general. The game lets you get into the role of the protagonist named Christopher Stone, who is a plumber and turned into a resistance leader and his main goal is to fight against the invaders.

The game is played from Third-person view and you must explore the streets of New York with your team and fight against Soviet Soldiers. You can earn charisma points by performing different actions such as destroying the enemies and their supplies or capturing the base.

Play with friends in Multiplayer mode and show your fighting skills. With unlockable content, addictive gameplay, cool features, and stunning visuals, Freedom Fighters is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. One day he receives an unknown phone call from a stranger that totally changes the way he thinks and encourages Grobuskna to start his twisted journey.

By profession Grobuskna is a Detective and he is on a hunt of the Nazi officers that contributed to the Holocaust and are now scattered all around the world. You are required to get into the character of Grobuskna and start hunting down the Nazi officers you think were part of the Holocaust and were involved in war crimes. The protagonist in his adventures kills animals and causes mayhems wherever necessary to save himself from the police and gunslingers.

Player gets to use weapons like revolvers, shotguns and bows according to the situation and uses explosives to divert the attention of his enemies or to kill them. You should definitely try it. It puts you in the role of the Batman, and your main goal is to fend off the popular antagonist, the Joker by destroying the entire city using detonate bombs. Navigate the city from a third-person perspective and smash the unholy plans of the Joker. Your hero is capable of jumping, climbing, running, gliding and crouching from the heights of building using his cape.

The Batman equips with exciting gadgets that he can use during gameplay to fulfill his missions. Manipulate the world, interact with NPCs, find out the place where the bombs are hidden and deactivate them to rescue the entire city from devastation. All twenty-four previous DLC packs are available in this edition, including the horror-theme in North Point, and more.

Alongside, it offers enhanced mechanics, smooth controls, detailed environment and attractive audio. The game takes place in the fictional world and puts you in the role of the protagonist who must navigate the busy roads and streets of Hong Kong to fulfill his mission objectives. According to the story, the most dangerous criminal organization is taking over the Hong Kong and rules on exotic locations.

You act as the protagonist named Wei Shen, who is an undercover cop and his ultimate task is to fight against a criminal organization and smash them to prevent devastation. You can take part in the battle and can fight against hand-to-hand combat using martial arts. The player as the criminal must explore the world from a third-person perspective, use a huge arsenal of weaponry to threaten the environment, encounter non-player characters, and kill people to earn points.

During the gameplay, the player can establish his private mansion, explore more than stories, create his arsenal, and defend his turf in the massive open environment. The player can navigate the world from either on foot or by vehicle. The game features a mini-map on the top corner of the playfield, which displays the location of the player.

Try it out. In the game, you assume the role of the protagonist named as Jensen, who is a former Swat Specialist and has been selected by the most experimental biotechnology firms of America to oversee the defenses. The ultimate goal of the player is to protect the complex secrets of the company.

According to the story, the black ops team attacks and kills the team of scientists that you were selected to guard the secrets, then your job changes.

The game offers near-future environment where you discover a time of massive technological advancement, but also a time of conspiracy and chaos.

Check it out. The game features the protagonist Wei Shen an undercover police officer who infiltrates the Sun On Yee triad to take down their organization. The game lets you experience an awesomely engaging and thrilling game-play by using your fighting, shooting and parkour skills against your enemies. You can walk, run, fight with pedestrians, drive different vehicles and even fly planes in an open world. As being the police officer and a criminal at the same time, Sleeping Dogs lets you get into both law enforcing and criminal activities and this makes the game more engaging.

You get a handful of different weapons, melee and firearms both at your disposal all the time. Sleeping Dogs is one of the best Action-Adventure and Shooter video game that provides with super realistic graphics, an amazing story, an open world and a thrilling game-play.

Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of a protagonist named Edward Carnby, where the main mission is to discover the truth from the dark conspiracy through the NY streets. While inspecting the playfield, the player views the environment from a first-person as well as a third-person perspective.

In this open-world adventure, the environment plays a big part of the core gameplay, as the player can pick up an object such as pipes, wood, etc. The player can use these items to break through doors and knock several objects over.

The game generates fire, and if the player does not extinguish the fire fast, the flames will continue to regenerate. Mafia 3 is a third marvelous entry in the Mafia series developed by Hanger 13 and published by 2K Games. The game combines the elements of Action-Adventure, Open World, and Shooting, and lets you play the role of the protagonist named as Lincoln Clay.

It takes place in in the fictional city called New Orleans. The story revolves around the protagonist who is an orphan and his companion named Vietnam veteran, and their adventure to create a new criminal organization to fight against Italian Mob. You can play the game from the third-person perspective, in which you as Lincoln Clay must take revenge on your friends who killed by Local mobs. It offers classic weapons, vehicles and environment and lets you complete challenging missions.

Explore the game world, fight against enemies using different weapons and earn money. You can unlock other areas of the game by accomplishing missions. Mafia 3 is the wonderful game as compared to other Action-Adventure games. S and changes everything. The gangs, defeated by Third Street Saints are now forming alliances and an alien invasion is just about to happen.

The protagonist multiplies his efforts with the Third Street Saints to act rationally and killing all the enemies for the sake of United States and the Third Street Gang. After a long lasting war with the aliens and the rival gangs combined, the President Third Street Saints Boss confronts Zinyak and kills him in the end of a bloody battle and moves towards the alliance of the Gangs of Steelport, eradicates them with all his might and man power and conquers the Zin forces.

After the surrender of the Zin forces, the Boss becomes their new leader, acquires the Zin Time Trave Device and restores the order in present by going to the past and correcting all the errors.

Zin invasion never happens and the gangs never show up on the surface of the earth, only Third Street Saints rules as a unanimous power and the boss still becomes the president of United States. The game offers an Online-Only gameplay and out-fashions all of its previous games in the series. The Division focuses mainly on Roleplaying and PvP elements and offers an amazingly brilliant combination of Exploration, Shooting and combat fundamentals.

Tantalizing Action, Thrill, bloody and fast-paced encounters with the enemies, amazing loots, super addictive gameplay and all the great shooting experience, The Division offers a truly remarkable experience ever. The game out-ranks all of its predecessors in a way it feels like a game from the future. Graphics, revamped game mechanics, and all the other core features are among the best things players will experience in the game. For all those action and thrill seekers, who always long for something new and different, The Division would definitely satisfy them.


Syphon filter 1 pc game download

The game is fast-paced and will keep you on your toes as militant soldiers swarm in from all sectors, sometimes attempting to get to you, but more often than. Download Syphon Filter (v) ISO to your mobile device and play it with a compatible emulator. You can also play this game on your computer.


Syphon Filter – Old Games Download

The game is fast-paced and will keep you on your toes as militant soldiers swarm in from all sectors, sometimes attempting to get to you, but more often than. Download Syphon Filter (v) ISO to your mobile device and play it with a compatible emulator. You can also play this game on your computer.