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Not far into the game you get to check out the skiing aspect of the game. Although fun they could have done a better job here. The skiing part itself is fine, you can go fast by crouching low for less wind resistance and can try tripping the bad guys by sticking out your stick.

I would have liked to be able to shoot while skiing or at least be able to come to a stop and shoot. On some levels you will get to drive the BMW Chasing the bad guys, you will attempt to gun them down while you avoid the nasty bombs they chuck at you.

The biggest downfall this game has is that there are only 10 levels. Due to this, I think most people will want to rent the game for a weekend, conquer it, and then go on to the next.

The graphics are decent. The audio matches well with what is going on. One of its biggest strengths is the variety it offers. Sometimes you get to shoot, other times ski or drive. Unfortunately there are only 10 levels and most people will find they can conquer the game over a weekend, so renting it is probably your best option. The biggest news on the Tomorrow Never Dies front is the recently pushed-back release date.

Now the game developed by Black Ops is coming our way in the second quarter of ’99 instead of fourth quarter ‘ But will the extra time do the trick? If the version we scoped at E3 is any indication of what’s to come, then yes.

The graphics in the latest revision look improved over old versions, and the overall feel is tight. What’s more, TND looks quite original for using a license that can easily be corrupted. Of course, Bond will do all kinds of interesting, action-packed things. Some that should make it into the final product are flying, driving, skiing, scuba diving and go on foot somewhat similar to GoldenEye. The game’s story, believe it or not, starts where the movie Tomorrow Never Dies ends.

Why such an unorthodox move? MGM and Black Ops know part of the fun of a James Bond film is discovery, so they want to have a story that allows the player to slowly piece together what’s going on, figure out who the mastermind is, and then go save the world. If they simply made a game based on the movie’s plot you’d know what’s about to happen.

The movie license comes second. Also note: Although the number of players in the box above only says one, there is talk of possibly including Multiplayer Modes by the time the game’s released. Yes, Tomorrow Never Dies was due well over a year ago. Now it’s finally coming out, and nothing seems to be getting in the way this time around. It’s funny how the same thing happened with GoldenEye on the N If you’ve seen the movie, you know basically how TND works–although there are a couple of story line bits different from the flick.

The game is composed mostly of movie-inspired gameplay. Other original gameplay segments–though not from the film–fit into the Bond universe.

Take the skiing segment where James battles his way down the slopes while faceless thugs ski after him for instance–it’s classic Bond stuff you can’t help but love. There are also a couple of driving segments. There are plenty of missions to work through–more than 10 of them overall–filled with countless bad guys. Bond will make his way through the Hotel Atlantic, the Carver media center and the stealth boat in Ha Long Bay to name a few.

There are a number of in-game cinematics within each of the missions which link gameplay segments together. You’ll move from inside to outside, from foot to vehicle to foot again completing objectives and what not.

Sometimes you have to sneak around, other times you simply get to blow stuff up. In one level in particular, you’ll be able to play as Wai Lin, the Chinese agent who partnered with Bond in the film. Obviously the gizmos, gadgets and weaponry are a major part of anything Bond-related, and the game isn’t lacking in this area. You’ll use Q-stuff like cufflink detonators, thumbprint scanners, a mysterious cell phone device and a whole lot more.

Weapons include a number of guns and other toys like grenade launchers and proximity mines. There will be 12 to 16 total weapons by the time the game is done.

One feature we’d like to point out: The action in TND freezes when you change weapons or items, so you’ll suffer no penalty if you run out of ammo and need to switch to a different gun. Surprisingly, the game will have no multiplayer support whatsoever. When asked why, an EA representative explained the focus on the one-player stuff would ensure the game’s high level of fun. GoldenEye may have hit the Nintendo 64 a year late, but it turned out to be a better game than anyone expected.

Now, Tomorrow Never Dies is hitting the PlayStation a year late–but that’s where the similarities between these Bond games stop. TMD is a major disappointment.

It does start off fine; early levels deliver intense, stealth-intensive gameplay that have more in common with Syphon Filter than Rare’s N64 masterpiece.

The music is excellent. And unlike most games that try to mix varied play styles, TMD does a decent job at giving you more to do than just shoot, sneak and snipe.

But things start going sour during the game’s second half. The visuals suffer more glitches I’ve actually shot enemies through walls. Missions, which were better paced earlier in the game, become monotonous. The difficulty curve spikes way upward around level eight. And the frame-rate takes a turn for the super choppy during the final, 10th stage. Couple that with the already sluggish controls and you’re in for some frustration. TMD just loses any sense of imagination toward its finale.

The game’s main adversary, for instance, can take a dozen grenades to the face before he falls. C’mon–he’s a media mogul, not Iron Man.

When I was playing through Syphon Filter, I kept thinking that the engine would have made for a great Bond game. Now that the Bond game is here, it’s a bit of a letdown. The problem is with the game’s engine, which never ceased to piss me off. While there is an option for a free aim most enemies can be dispatched with the auto-lock function. This means if the player gets close enough to an enemy while using an appropriate gun the game automatically shoots at him when the player faces the general direction.

Bond also has gadgets to his disposal which are used to fulfill the mission goals. There are two missions which differ from this formula: in the driving sequence the player chases and shoots at enemy cars while avoiding obstacles; during the skiing part he is mainly concerned with dispatching other skiers which want to bring him out of balance.

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If you’ve seen the movie, you know basically how TND works–although there are a couple of story line bits different from the flick.