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Commonly it is a general practice to lock something that contains sensitive or important files. The WinRAR is no exception to that! It is a format favored by most of the people in the world and it significantly reduces the file size. Overall, you can lock the file with a password of your choice. But if you forgot the password it will be very hard to get access to those files again, as the encryption level is very high and these days most of the RAR files you download from the internet are locked without the password.

So, in order to get access, you need to hack WinRAR password using the following methods. The whole process takes a few minutes to recover the lost RAR file password. You might aware of the use of Notepad. It is a common utility that comes with Windows and mostly used to save notes, etc. In this method, you can hack WinRAR password by using a batch file.

The method only works if the locked file contains a numeric password. Save the file with. Wait for the process to complete. After it finishes with cracking the password, it displays the cracked password on your command prompt. These websites are dedicated to unlocking any WinRAR file.

You just have to upload the file, the rest of the work will be done by the website. But do keep in mind the safety factor while uploading a sensitive document on to an online website. Step 3: Now, the file will be uploaded to the website and then it will be converted into a ZIP file. After that, it will remove the password. It is the easiest method to hack a RAR file. Unfortunately, it is not that effective, most of the time the procedure ends in error.

Such tools are available all over the internet, they are specifically designed to break the password protection and eventually recovers the lost password within a matter of minutes. These programs are very effective if you are having difficulty with a locked RAR file. It is exclusively developed for this comes with several attack modes that will surely hack your WinRAR password.

The operational procedure is detailed below:. Step 1: You need to install Password Recovery Bundle on your computer, after downloading it. Step 6: The procedure will take a few minutes to complete. Once, done a pop-up window will appear on the screen with the recovered password. The working principle of this program is quite different from the others.

Unlike other methods on the list, this method will hack the RAR forgotten password, and all you have to do is to use it on the locked file. All the methods detailed on the article are exceptional and capable of cracking or hacking RAR password but there is also a lot of limitation that is stopping some of the methods on the list to become the best. As the use of CMD, it is effective but it is very complicated, an amateur user will never perfectly master such technique and the other one, of course, the online recover method; it is simply not that effective, there is also a limitation on the size of RAR file you can upload on the website.

So, to get the best possible result, you may want to use RAR Password Recovery as it is the best method and a highly rated tool. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Type the following lines of code or simply copy and paste the code to your Notepad. Step 4: If the procedure is successful, a download link will be available. Step 4: When, in the next window, import the locked RAR file into the program. Conclusion All the methods detailed on the article are exceptional and capable of cracking or hacking RAR password but there is also a lot of limitation that is stopping some of the methods on the list to become the best.

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