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Leave a comment and tease your friends! If you are really stuck please check the companion app! By tapping on an element tile you can see the reactions where it took part. Amazon Chime 4. Digsby build Leave this field empty. Inline Feedbacks. Most downloaded software. Voice Changer. The contact tab shows a list with all contacts or, if a search is active, all contacts that result from the search query in the search field,. The contacts are ordered in subgroups, with a small triangle next to their name that allows the user to hide or show the contacts for a given group.

Clicking on a contact results in the contact field expanding to reveal more details and options, while at the same time enabling the green call button. If multiple numbers are available for a contact, a dropdown will appear on the right of the telephone number, giving access to all other numbers for that contact.

On the bottom of the tab there is a contact menu, to quickly add or import a contact from LDAP or the native address book. The Sort button lets you sort the people based on their name or their online status. The filter button allows filtering out the offline people. Entering a few characters in the search field will filter the results shown below, just like in the contacts list tab. The history tab shows a list with the history of calls and faxes exchanged, In a way very similar to the contact list tab.

If you have missed a call, you may dial back the caller right away. You may observe the length of calls or the contents of messages. History also allows you to bring up faxes received, if you like to. When Zoiper is restarted, the History from previous sessions is still present.

The previous Zoiper session from launch to Zoiper shutdown is saved in a History. The dialed number and name if available are shown on the top, together with additional information on the call such as current status Ringing, Established , the account used, the duration of the call and the codec used.

Clicking on the red hangup icon will hangup the call with the person. Transfer Open the transfer dialog. You can transfer the call to the person in the list by clicking on the transfer button on the right of the name. Keep in mind that it is only possible to transfer to people on the same server and the server you are connecting to needs to have transfer support activated.

Hold the call, this will cause music on hold to be played from the server to the recipient. Two volume sliders will appear on the bottom, the left one is for the speaker. Clicking on the speaker will silence the speaker, sliding will adjust the volume. The microphone slider is adjusted automatically by default to automatically select the optimal microphone volume.

You can disable this behaviour in the settings, althoug it is not recommended. Muting the microphone can be done by clicking on the microphone icon. On the bottom of the phone, a small menu is available with easy access for changing the online status, checking voicemail messages, showing missed calls, audio device selection and the audio wizard. This is an indicator of the online status of your current account. The people that have added you in their contact lists may view your online status as well.

Choose the status that suits you best. When on an active call, the status will automatically be changed to “on the phone”. The message-waiting indicator will light up when you have new voice messages.

Clicking on the voicemail icon will dial the voicemail extension that was configured for that account. Refer to this link for more information. The missed calls indicator will light up when you have missed calls, a counter on the right will inform you how many you missed.

If you have one or more accounts, you will see them listen in the left column on the accounts page. The accounts are grouped by protocol. When you click on an account, settings for this specific account will open. What settings will be shown depends on the protocol type.

This is the hostname or ip address where the server is located. The password associated with this account Caller id name: This an optional field where you can change the callerid for your outgoing calls. Usually this option will have little effect, most providers and servers will disregard changes to the callerid to avoid call spoofing. On the bottom of the page, you will find a register and unregister button, this button allows you to quickly register or unregister an account on the server.

When ticked, Zoiper will not send the complete number to dial at once, but will send them to the server digit by digit. This setting will stop local generation of ring back tones and playback of early media when you are dialing somebody and the call is in the ringing state. This setting is usually used for call centers. This checkbox and the field underneath let you activate and configure an alternative ringtone to be used for incoming calls on this account.

This file needs to be an 8kHz, bit Mono wave file. The enable and disable fields are used to configure two extensions on the server that can be dialed to activate or deactivate the call forwarding. The use Cisco FWD and field underneath are used to enable the cisco server side style of callforwarding. This option will only work if you configure the phone type on the Cisco Callmanager as Cisco Softphone instead of the standard 3rd party sip softphone.

This is the extension on the server where you can listen to your voicemails. This extension will be dialed when you click on the voicemail icon on the main panel. This is the extension on your server that hosts the voicemail functionality. This is used to forward incoming calls to the voicemail when you click on the send to voicemail button on the incoming call popup. The available codecs shows the unselected codecs, when you select them and click on the right point arrow, they will be added to the selected codecs.

Using the up and down arrow in the selected codecs column, will change the priority of the codec, the higher in the list, the higher the priority. Keep in mind that the codec that ends up being used will be negotiated between zoiper and the other end, from the list of codecs available on both sides.

The maximum number of seconds between consecutive registrations on the server. The registration procedure is used to inform the server of our location to make sure incoming calls will arrive properly. Registration is sometimes also required by the server to make outgoing calls. A dropdown to let you configure the use of Message Waiting Indicators. This option is needed to show the number of voicemails on the server on the main panel, next to the voicemail icon.

Some servers will refuse the registration or the use of MWI based on the order of the packets sent. This checkbox enabled the Busy Lamp Field functionality. Checking this box will cause Zoiper to subscribe for presence updates from the people on its contact list.

This last method is very unreliable and incompatible with voice compression; it will only work when using the uLaw or aLaw codecs.


Zoiper download windows 10

Select an installation directory (Best to keep the default one). Download instructions – step 9. Choose a start menu folder. Download instructions – step Zoiper 3 Providers, Download Zoiper 3 for free – Voice, Video, Instant messaging for mobile or desktop.


Zoiper Windows Installation and Configuration :: Zoiper – Description


Don’t like it when people жмите on your conversations? Zoiper comes with a military grade end to end encryption for voice and video. Our VoIP softphone will look zoiper download windows 10 for your contacts and will display them in zoiper download windows 10 combined list for easy access. You name it, we got it and we will lookup incoming calls as well so you know who calls before you answer.

Zoiper runs on a multitude of different platforms. No matter if you are using macOS, Linux or Windows. With Zoiper you can fax, check your friends availability, chat and make voice and video calls. All from one intuitive interface. Call directly from your mail client or browser with our email plugins and browser extensions. Zoiper does not rely on Java, Flash or. Chrome for desktop pc results in low memory and Zoiper download windows 10 usage and makes for quality audio even on older hardware.

Use our automatic provisioning options and restrict parts of the interface посмотреть больше make sure all your users are at ease. Enjoy free calls between Zoiper users or combine our dialers zoiper download windows 10 your favorite provider for the cheapest calls.

Hook up your remote workers or call center agents to your office PBX. Don’t want to set it up yourself? Sign up with one of the zoiper download windows 10 compatible hosted PBX providers. Forgot your password? Login Cancel. High Quality Softphone State of the art jitter buffers, clock skew compensation and delay reduction. Stop eavesdropping on your calls, encrypt your VoIP calls! All your contacts in one interface! Bring your own device Zoiper runs on a multitude of different platforms. Download Zoiper now!

Got a PC, smartphone or tablet? Zoiper works on all popular platforms! Improve the efficiency of your communications Clickdial CRM integration, number recognition, Outlook and Thunderbird plugins. Small footprint Zoiper does not rely zoiper download windows 10 Java, Flash or.

Finding all this VoIP http://replace.me/19931.txt a tad complicated? Desktop versions: Pick any of our Skins that suits your needs the most, or change an existing one or make your own. Use remote provisioning and installer service to automate the deployment of preconfigured phones. Lock down some of the functionality to reduce the internal support costs.

Mobile versions: Use our built-in QR code scanner to provide your employees, collegues or customers with a fool proof way to configure our softphone on iOS or android. All they need to do is zoiper download windows 10 a QR Code that you generated on our website and they will be ready to make their first calls windows activator download seconds.

Free or cheap calls with any VoIP provider! Combine multiple providers for the cheapest route to every destination. Want to use Zoiper in your company or call center? Follow us Twitter Facebook. Contacts sales zoiper.


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This has no effect on wihdows DTMF being sent to the server, it just stops the local playback of the same tones to the user of the softphone. It becomes enabled green when you:.